It does this by … At the end of a sentence, they indicate that the thought is not completed, often with the suggestion that the readers can supply the missing words for themselves. A sentence is the basic unit of language which expresses a complete thought .

When sentenced , the convicted criminal is issued a formal judgment that usually pronounces the punishment, which often includes time in prison or fines. well like the lady said above me, it can mean a long pause. It also means 'so on'. It can also mean like they had something to say, but didnt type it. but then again it can be used for decorations too. Information and translations of sentence in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. What does sentenced mean?

They don't say the subject because it is obvious - the subject is YOU!

How to … you know like wen u want to say something but you already typed the sentence, you cant really take that sentence back so you put "..." to save the day.haha. So we can say that a sentence must contain at least a subject and verb. There is one apparent exception to this – the imperative. What does sentence mean? It’s hard to explain exactly, but when I see it, the tilde is most often used to convey a feeling of silliness, whimsy or flirtatiousness. The meaning of "as in" could be "as for example" or "as for instance". Definition of sentence in the dictionary. Example sentences with the word what. When someone gives a command (the imperative), they usually do not use a subject.

Sentence definition is - a word, clause, or phrase or a group of clauses or phrases forming a syntactic unit which expresses an assertion, a question, a command, a wish, an exclamation, or the performance of an action, that in writing usually begins with a capital letter and concludes with appropriate end punctuation, and that in speaking is distinguished by characteristic patterns of stress, pitch, and pauses. what example sentences. After a conviction in criminal (as opposed to civil) proceedings, sentencing is next. Meaning of sentence. A sentence is a group of words that are put together to mean something. How to use what in a sentence.