I am the looks, I am the brains I am the actor I am the master of my own demise I am the soul, I am the whole I am the actor The song is taken from their self-titled debut album Michael Learns to Rock which was released in 1991. Moody Blues - The Actor Lyrics. MLTR - The Actor Lyrics. The Lyrics to 'The Actor' by Dylan Gardner. Perhaps the person he sings about is wishing to break free of … The Lyrics for The Actor by Michael Learns to Rock have been translated into 7 languages. He takes you out and he / Takes you up / 'cause he can show you so much / I go to Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord The Actor (Justin Hayward) The curtain rises on a scene, With someone chanting to be free. He takes you out and he takes you up ‘Cause he can't show you so much I go to bed and tomorrow again. After a while the show came off the road Settling down for the very first time Man in the mirror with his make-up off Gone from his lip, the sad magical rhyme. But the latter half is very much like the romanticist Hayward is, describing his loneliness without his love. The actor, the actor, the actor.

Read or print original The Actor lyrics 2020 updated! MLTR Michael Learns To Rock The Actor (Jascha Richter) He takes you out and he takes you up 'cause he can show you so much I go to bed No more around him cheered and chanted He shun the big parade Now he sounding weird and slanted A slave of his trade A slave of his trade. About The Actor "The Actor" is a single by Danish soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock. I think this song is about how all your life you are just like an actor on the stage, like Shakespeare "All the world's a stage".