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Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1 users can also use iTunes 11 to edit video metadata information. These allow you to add information like track number, title, artist, album, year, … Fixing the dates in the image files was easy with Exiftool, but fixing the video files, which are stored in the quicktime format (.mov) seems to be an entirely different and more difficult matter. They help to view metadata like author, title, filename, etc. I suggest you go through this article which mentions 7 free video metadata editor for Windows. While this software works in almost the same way as the ones similar to it does, it assures the easiest way to supply metadata entries for every video you own. DBeaver DBeaver is a free, multi-platform database tool that supports any database having a JDBC driver. Good movie mp4 metadata editor? Nowadays it is quite desirable to tag information to a movie video which help others identify with video and its information. I don't need media organizers, nor anything fancy, just something that allows me to …

MyMeta is a Windows 8 / Windows RT App for editing metadata and artwork on MP4, M4V and MOV media files. Both iTunes and Windows Media Player allow you to edit titles, episode numbers and other relevant video information. You may add metadata tags to a video, or replace old tags with new ones in case a video already has metadata. Metadata editor software enables editing, exploring and creating metadata from various files like PDF, office documents, video files, JPEG, AVI and many more formats. Viewed 30k times 15.

Quicktime (.mov) metadata editor for Windows? easily and allow exporting or importing these metadata as well.

They enable bulk searching and editing of multiple files. (Since I don't know any). I need to read metadata from one of my movies in mp4 format and to do that I need a very basic mp4 (for movies) metadata editor.

Media Center Master is another example of a program that allows for editing movie metadata in batches. I somehow managed to set the year on my camera to 2010 before leaving on an extended vacation. MyMeta for Windows 8. Which programs can you recommend ? It

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This online metadata viewer will show you all hidden metadata info of audio, video, document, ebook & image files. Active 2 months ago. mov metadata editor free download.

MyMeta allows you to tag all your media files so that their information appears correctly in your favorite media player or streaming device. However, to edit video metadata you need to use Windows Media Player 12. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 3 months ago.