King Magnus ordered his kinsman Torgils Knutsson, the Constable of the Realm, as the guardian of Birger. The grave monument of King Magnus was placed at Vreta in the 16th century but is a cenotaph the location of his actual burial is not known.… EN About Magnus I "The strong" Nilsson, king of Sweden Magnus Nilsson, Mogens Nielsen, or Magnus the Strong (born c. 1106 – died June 4, 1134 in the battle of Fotevik), was a Scandinavian ruler and Danish duke who reigned c. 1125-c.1130 in southern parts of Sweden ("Gothenland"). The king sent a letter to the people of the province of Dalarna, requesting that they should circulate letters to every Swedish province, stating their support for the king with their troops, and urging every other province to do the same.

Magnus became King of Tabor at some point in his life - it is very possible that his own parents had ruled Tabor before him. Magnus had attacked Sweden shortly after becoming king, but he made peace with the Swedish king Inge in 1101 and married his daughter Margaret. He is portrayed by Noah Huntley. Magnus I ( Swedish : Magnus Nilsson ; Danish : Magnus Nielsen [1] ) (born about 1106, died 4 June 1134 in the Battle of Fotevik ), was a Danish duke who ruled Gothenland in southern Sweden from the 1120s to …

1 He married Ingeborg Haakonsdottir, Princess of Norway, daughter of Haakon V Magnusson, King of Norway and Euphemia von Rügen, in 1312.

He was well-versed in military matters, politics, and languages.

Erik Folkunga, Duke of Södermanland was the son of Magnus I Ladulas, King of Sweden and Hedwig von Holstein.

King Magnus is the father of Snow White and the widower of Queen Eleanor.

In 1275, King Magnus had lead a rebellion against his elder brother, King Valdemar of Sweden and ousted him from the throne. Gustav I of Sweden, from the Vasa noble family, was the king of Sweden from 1523 until his death in 1560. Owing to his affluent background, Gustav received the best education as a child. Magnus I, byname Magnus Barn-lock, Swedish Magnus Ladulås, (died 1290), king of Sweden (1275–90) who helped introduce a feudal class society into Sweden..

Magnus I "the Strong" of Sweden (1107-4 June 1134) was King of Sweden from 6 June 1126 to 4 June 1134, succeeding Ragnvald Knaphovde and preceding Sverker I of Sweden. Magnus made another expedition in 1102, visiting the Hebrides and Orkneys and the Isle of Man. Prince Magnus is a Danish Prince, and brother of the new King, King Eric XIV of Sweden, and is very interested in Queen Elizabeth..

Albert based his claims on the Swedish crown upon two family ties: his mother being Magnus's sister, whose paternal grandfather was King Magnus III, Albert claimed first place in the Swedish order of succession after the dethronement or deaths of all of the children of Magnus IV; and through a Swedish princess Christina, a daughter of Sverker II who was King of Sweden from 1196 to 1208.

Prince Magnus and Queen Elizabeth have been writing letter back and forth for months, and Prince Magnus has decided to make the trip to England to work out a marriage arrangement..