Unlike Soviet Strike, Nuclear's terrain is composed of 3D objects, so if you fly around them in a circle they look almost photorealistic. Apache Strike is an AH-64 Apache combat flight simulator by William C. Appleton. Our selection of games like XCOM features the best that the strategy genre has to offer in terms of turn based tactical role playing experiences. Nuclear Strike is a shooter video game developed and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation in 1997. Nuclear Strike came out for PC, Playstation and Nintendo 64. #2 < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments .

Game theory shows just how great the danger is.

Nuclear Strike is part of a long running series from EA. The FMV is topnotch. It is best known for its open-ended … Close. Graphics: The visuals are the high point of the game with excellent terrain and level details. Nuclear Strike barrows most of it’s gameplay elements from Soviet Strike, the previous title in the Strike Series. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf January 1, 1992 AMI; GB + 7 more; GBA; GG; GEN; LYNX; SMS; SNES; PC; A top-down isometric helicopter shoot 'em up originally for the Sega Genesis, which was later ported to a variety of platforms. This long running and popular strategy franchise originated in 1994 with X-COM: Enemy Unknown that blended management with turn based tactics. Still, Nuclear Strike is … Depending on the weather conditions, the size of the certain and probable area of the nuclear firestorm, created by the nuclear explosion, will vary. As far as this game, it looks decent. Posted by 3 years ago. I do remember, and owned Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike for PlayStation. [WSIB] games like the old Dessert/ Nuclear/ Soviet strike games. I wish I had a game like this with the ultimate technologies.

Per page: 15 30 50. Nuclear Strike looks much like its squadron predecessor, Soviet Strike, but there are some.. .err, striking improvements. First Strike: Final Hour is a fast paced real time strategy game where you play one of the twelve biggest nuclear superpowers of the world – from known superpowers like the USA to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and try to be the last one remaining when the whole world blows to smithereens. : Missing In Action is almost Nuclear Strike except it is during the Vietnam war.

And Fire Fight is a sci-fi game with similar … 11. Lol. I know that details are sketchy on Gaikai, but if we can have games from the entire PS/PS2/PS3 library, I'll take: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Shadow of the Colossus Uncharted trilogy Soviet Strike Nuclear Strike 37 Games Like XCOM. Game like Nuclear Strike or helicopter games Is there game like Nuclear Strike on steam ... Also if you are looking for isometric action game with vehicles you can also try running with rifles, both games are good. The game is the sequel to Soviet Strike and the fifth installment in the Strike series, which began with Desert Strike on the Sega Genesis. I've played Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Urban Strike and Nuclear Strike since I was a child.