It is very likely these words are what they will be searching for when they screen your resume and cover letter.

One of the cover letters accidentally had a different name in the middle of it.

“ “Based on your description I …

Page 1 is resume, page 2 is my cover letter. I'd give this guy an interview. Edit: If you're clicking the blue arrow, please elaborate, as I honestly don't see how I'm not contributing to this discussion. Manager here. A cover letter that has worked fantastically for me is one that starts with 3-4 sentences saying “hi my name is ___, I studied ___ and I would love to be considered for the position ___ because of my previous job where we did x,y,z (things relevant to the posting). r/funny: Welcome to r/Funny: Reddit's largest humour depository. I have had more success in getting through the screens after I combined my resume and cover letter together. I hope it’s okay to post here about just a cover letter—r/coverletters is pretty small compared with this sub. Read the job description and take note of words that are used more than once. I think the guy just took his friend's cover letter, and either manually replaced the name with his and missed one, or there was a typo (it was a Chinese name so I can't tell) so search & replace failed for that one bit. Also, I didn't say I would hire him, I said I would talk to him. I started my career in law as a file clerk, worked my way to paralegal / office manager, and left after 4.5 years in the same company.