Buy Episode 1 HD $2.99. Feb 3, 2020 NASA/James O'Donoghue. Under the Pacific Ocean lies a vast area known as the Ring of Fire where 75% of the world's volcanoes lie and 90% of earthquakes occur. In the episode featuring Yorktown, they’ll “drain” the York River with CGI to show you exactly what lies beneath the water. Evidence show that its seismic activity could destroy Japan, North America and New Zealand one day. Thanks to some key clues, one man finally managed to solve it. Clips. With Riverwalk Landing Piers their home base at night, they spent their days out on the water getting footage for National Geographic’s maritime mysteries show “Drain the Oceans”. Buy Season 3 HD $9.99. START STREAMING NOW > START STREAMING NOW. New documentary Drain the Oceans traces MH370's final moments A new documentary has traced the final moments of missing aircraft MH370. By Jennifer Leman. Available on My5. More Episodes . Drain the Oceans. The 25-part factual series is hosted by Craig Sechler, and explores shipwrecks, treasure and sunken cities using underwater scanning system, scientific data, and … Drain the Oceans (2018– ) Episode List. Drain the Oceans dives deep into the unknown; a truly epic, truly original series that takes underwater adventure and earth science illustration into a whole new era.  Ambitious exploration, advances in scientific research, and innovative technology mean Earth Science and History step forward to expose hidden evidence of the most amazing undersea mysteries, as never seen before. Drain the Oceans: Greatest mysteries of our oceans uncovered IT WAS a mystery that baffled Australia for decades. Drain The Ocean. Drain the Oceans.

As the ocean waters drain away, National Geographic reveal seven of the most amazing undersea sites of World War 2 and delve deeper into the mysteries behind them. You May Also Like. You May Also Like. See what lies beneath.

Season 1. Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages English. –Ted M. I want to get one thing out of the way first: Available on My5 Upcoming Episodes Clips News Characters Competition About. 0 Sky Yahoo email; Sign in; TV Guide; Sky Go; Sky Cinema; Sky Kids; Sky Store; Sky One; Sky Witness; Sky Atlantic; Sky Comedy; Sky Crime; Sky Arts; Sky News; Sky Sports; Challenge; Pick; Never Miss; Drain the Oceans overview. Drain the Oceans dives into the unknown with an original series that takes underwater adventure and earth science illustration into a whole new era.

How would the Earth change as the water is being drained?

Next on S1E1 Nazi Secrets S1E1 Friday, 1am. More purchase

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Season 1; Season 2; Season 3 (41) 2018 3 Seasons 7+ Pull the plug on the ocean to reveal hidden secrets using groundbreaking technology, breathtaking photography and insight from top archaeologists. Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English. Nat Geo’s Drain the Oceans is an excellent example of using technology in this way, and this Sunday they will use their tech magic to give viewers an unprecedented look at the Thai cave rescue.

S1E6 Gulf Of Mexico S1E6 Saturday, 12.10am.

New Loch Ness Survey for National Geographic Series, Drain the Oceans, Finds the Historic Wreck of 'Crusader,' the Jet-boat designed to break the World Water Speed Record in 1952 Using the latest Kongsberg Maritime technology, the exact location of the historic wreck Crusader has been discovered: a feat which would not have been possible before now.