The Celtic tradition holds that we find God in Christ in our hearts, in each other, and in all creation. The Company of Jesus, with permission from the Northumbrian Community, invites you to join us for Saturday Compline, presented from the text "Celtic Daily Prayers" (2002). The book includes daily prayer services, daily readings and prayers for set times of the year, as well as prayers/devotions based in the life of Celtic saints. Celtic Daily Prayer & Liturgy, Celtic Daily Prayer & Liturgy, Celtic Prayer, Celtic Studies & Spirituality, Northumbria Community Resources & Teaching An A5 giant print (24 pt) booklet with the liturgies for Morning, Midday and Evening Office plus the Meditations … Praying "Celtic Daily Prayer" several times a week, I have found this prayer guide a lovely way to deepen my intimacy with God and connect with my Celtic heritage. Printed resources for Compline or Night Prayer only have a comment to that effect, and those with an asterisk (*) contain musical notation for chanting. Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2: Farther Up and Farther In is the long awaited companion volume to Celtic Daily Prayer Book 1: The Journey Begins, also reissued in a new binding. Through moments of reflection and calm, quiet words, fine music and the words of a Celtic Compline, we refresh this tradition.

Many use it on a regular basis, usually just before retiring to bed. ‘Taken from [Name] Compline from Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer published by Collins.’ The above permission is given on the understanding that the words and format of our Daily Office are used as written and published in Celtic Daily Prayer. It is above all a service of quietness and reflection before rest at the end of the day. (Also available here is a perfect bound A5 booklet containing the words of all seven Complines, along with the melody line of those parts of the Complines that have been set to music.) He remained at Lindisfarne for 16 years.

Plaited for me is the crown of truth, and it caused Your branches to blossom in me. Compline + In the name of the Nous, Christos, Pistos Sophia, Amen Opening sentences The Lord is on my head like a crown, and I shall never be without Him. I got it for the daily offices of morning, midday, evening prayer and compline. It is most effective when the ending is indeed an ending, without additions, conversation or noise. For those interested specifically in praying Morning and Evening Prayer, an excellent guide to printed resources, with commentary, is found in Paul Boers, The Rhythm of God’s Grace (Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2003). The ancient office of Compline derives its name from a Latin word meaning ‘completion’ (completorium). The Compline that follows is named after her because of its emphasis on examination of the heart, and the prayers of care and protection for each soul who crosses our path. Part of a series of 7 cards each containing the words of one of the Complines.