This allows the Dasher to drive 105-108gr bullets comfortably at 2970-3000 fps without over-stressing the brass.

We have this down to a fine science and produce a great product.

Case capacity is raised to about 41.0 grains.

There was a .4gr difference between alpha and lapua, with the larger capacity going to lapua. We are proud to offer the shooting community a new grade of rifle brass. This brass is formed with a custom die. I am planning a 6 Dasher build and need chamber it correctly. I purchased the Alpha Munitions 6mm DASHER brass. When it comes to brass, Alpha Munitions is committed … I got on the wait list for the brass about a month ago and was notified about two weeks ago as to availability. Dropped 32.0-32.6 Varget into 5 cases for each weight, using the new alpha and the once fired lapua. American Made. 309 talking about this. Shop. UPS dropped my Alpha 6 Dasher brass off a bit ago. It has shot better fire forming than previous loads. Youre not the only person on here that gets an opinion. © 2020 Alpha Munitions. We are American Made, Alpha Grade. Our brass is ready for load development and match ready. To say I am impressed with Alpha Munitions is an understatement. I have been forming their 260 brass into 6 Competition Match and it's been great and consistent. Of the 47 shooters using a 6 Dasher, 100% of them were using handloaded ammo.

Alpha Grade. I’m extremely impressed with the quality of this brass and No more fire forming brass in … but regardless of that time frame, if you place your name on this reservation list you will be handled on a first come first served basis. 6 Dasher Load Data.

Alpha Munitions Ultra Premium Rife Brass. People who read the recent 6 Dasher Alpha Brass thread, that was deleted because of attacks on Alpha, may understand where I’m coming from.

6mm Dasher Basics — Bob Hoppe Talks about Loads. That cleaned them up and loaded rounds are a steady .268 now. The HLR 6 Dasher brass is ready to load and sized to a 0.267 neck. Like the cases I formed from 6.5×47 Lapua brass, the Alpha 6GT brass will use a small rifle primer. Did the standard chamfer/deburr, then threw some powder. My chamber is .271 so, preferring a little more "fudge room" in that area, I turned mine by .005. Next I FL sized with the same .266 bushing I use on all other dasher cases.

With few exceptions, 6 Dasher has been a “form it yourself” brass proposition, with some outfits offering hydroformed brass.

The 6mm Dasher is based on the 6mm BR cartridge with the shoulder blown forward about 0.100″ and “improved” to 40°. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new Alpha Dasher brass, we are unable to predict when the next shipment will come. Product Information Cartridge: 6mm Dasher Finish: Brass Condition: New Quantity: 100 Primed: No Primer Size: Small Primer Pocket *This is not loaded ammunition.

I strongly disagree with attacking a hard working, American company who is trying to bring us wanted new products. Did the standard chamfer/deburr, then threw some powder.