alias pbcopy='xclip -selection clipboard' alias pbpaste='xclip -selection clipboard -o' ... HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth # Ignore entries with leading white space and dupes. Just read it. so after many years of using sh & bash i have decided to give zsh a try and after using it for a couple of weeks i cant go back.. so here is my zshrc @ github for people to use.. in detail (at time of writing this was my current zshrc): #### interactive shell check #### { if [[ $- != *i* ]] ; then return fi #### end interactive check #### }
;-) OVERVIEW. The zsh contains many features, but there was no manpage with some examples (like procmailex(5)). That's why we wrote this manpage. or source is run, it occurs. 今回は zsh をより使いやすくするため、僕が普段つかっている設定をコピペしてかんたんカスタマイズをしてみましょう!設定の記述は難しいので、まずどのような動作をするのか確認して、もし不満があれば都度調べながら修正でよいかと思います。 HIST_IGNORE_SPACE (-g) The downside of zsh is it leaves interactive shell (that is, command line experience, as opposed to writing scripts) configuration up to the use. HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS If a new command line being added to the history list duplicates an older one, the older command is removed from the list (even if it is not the previous event). Otherwise the here document never ends. I use a lot of oh-my-zsh's git aliases and a couple others but here are the ones I've used the most over time and some. It's recommended to use zsh over bash.It's also highly recommended to install a framework with zsh as it makes dealing with configuration, plugins and themes a lot nicer.

However, it's important to realize that this method is only sometimes useful, because often one needs or wants to execute a script in its own shell, with its own environment. ... hard-linking to those files into a given folder, so I want find to ignore that folder, and I don’t want to re-think and re-check how to use prune option every time: ... And if you have zsh, you may want to give oh-my-zsh a try. zsh. Here are some advanced command line improvements for @git2samus this allows invocations as the previous but also permits passing arguments to curl like: gi --proxy somewhere:8080 -- … Also you probably should get rid of that pacupd and pacmir aliases - they will not cause parsing issues, but an alias for commands that you should really never use doesn't serve much purpose. How can you make Zsh not to suggest a fix for an alias? We've also included an file where we store our aliases, exports, path changes etc. Zsh has a lot to recommend it, and if the increased attention leads to zsh support in shellcheck zsh scripters everywhere will be thrilled. Apple has switching to zsh for the default macOS shell. Whenever we look at the zsh manual we wonder why there are no examples or those simply things in (shell) life.