Setting Rules with your Teen (for Parents)


PARENT agrees to the following…
•    I will provide you housing, food, and clothing
•    I will make myself available to you whenever you need me, even when I’m “busy”
•    I will provide a comfortable, safe, & mutually respectful place to talk honestly
•    I will listen, and not overreact or judge you for things that don’t make sense to me
•    I will love you for who you are and encourage you to become your best
•    I will never see you as a failure, even when you fail
•    I will hold you accountable for the choices you make, ensuring that you experience
the wonderful privileges and unfortunate consequences that go with each
As your parent I commit to this agreement and more importantly to you. I promise to
help you in ways that will empower you to become an independent healthy young adult.
signature of parent

TEEN agrees to the following…
•    I will be honest, even when I don’t feel like it
•    I will be respectful towards everyone in this home
•    I will apply myself in school and other activities
•    I will not threaten to do harm to myself or others
•    I will not drink or take drugs
•    I will keep my promises and strive to be trustworthy
•    If I feel unsafe or uncomfortable, I will call you for a ride home
•    I will talk to you when I am upset or confused – even if I’m afraid you’ll be angry
I commit to this agreement and will be accountable for my choices. I promise to respect
you and honor our relationship.
signature of teen


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