Mentee has attention issues

Some kids are easily distracted.

This could be a habit, a personality trait or perhaps a symptom of ADHD.

How can you respond to this in a way that is useful?

Below is a link and some excerpts from an interesting article from the website “Understood” that focuses on learning and attention issues. This article gives practical guidance on what you can do to guide the child or teen with distraction and attention issues

How to Talk to Your Child About Being Distracted and Unfocused

Kids with certain learning or attention issues can have trouble staying focused on schoolwork or might get easily distracted. It can be hard to know how to approach the topic with your child in a positive and productive way. To help, explore the common challenges and suggested conversation starters below.

Trouble Staying Focused

What you can say: “I know you try hard to pay attention in class but you get distracted. What helps you stay focused?”
Tip: It might help your child to stay focused if the teacher comes over and touches his shoulder when she wants him to pay attention.

What you can say: “What helps you stay focused when you’re doing homework?”
Tip: Your child may do well with a quiet, orderly space to do his homework. Or listening to music might help him concentrate.

What you can say: “What things (noises, people) distract you the most?”
Tip: It might be better for your child to be seated away from loud or distracting classmates in school. 


Teach self-monitoring.

Help your teen become aware of the things that distract her. With time and practice, she’ll get to know what being distracted feels like, and will recognize when her attention is drifting. Individuals with ADHD benefit from positive affirmations, such as “I will pay attention to my work.”

Teach your teen to repeat these to encourage herself to keep going.

Spend more time outdoors.

Recent studies link time spent outside, especially in natural environments, with improved concentration.


Goal Setting:

The Licence for life books give you a framework to work with your teen to set some goals around these areas.



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