Hormones & Adolescence

Inside Puberty: What Are the Stages of Puberty?

Going through puberty is like having your body taken over by some kind of zombie virus. Your face will break out. You’ll start to smell weird. You’ll be constantly exhausted. You’ll grow hair in… places. Got the puberty blues? Here’s the silver lining: The exact same thing is happening to everyone your age. Today, we’re doing a slightly different WellCast. We’re going to explore puberty in boys and puberty in girls. We’ll explain what is actually happening in your body and, more importantly, mind, because right now you’re probably feeling like someone else is working the gears.

What is Puberty? Decoding Puberty in Girls

Girls, have you started noticing strange things happening to your body? Are you not exactly sure why you’re feeling the way you feel, and not getting any answers from that black and white slideshow they insist on showing in Health class? It’s OK. Puberty in girls is a big deal, and we’ve got a puberty primer that will show you whats going on in your body and mine. Everything from the stages of puberty, to its definition, to what it actually is—we cover it all.

PSA: Puberty for Girls

Puberty can be a very confusing time for girls who do not know what to expect. This video covers many of the changes that girls may go through during puberty. We discuss important topics such as the timing of puberty, emotional changes, hair, body odor, acne, breast development, growth, periods, PMS, and talking to adults.


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