If you’re unsure how to strike up a conversation with someone new, check out this Wellcast video on how to break the ice:




Check out this short Wellcast video for advice on how to find a roommate:




This Wellcast video offers a quick guide on how to maintain healthy, strong friendships:


It’s often easy to get along with someone similar to ourselves but here’s some great advice on being friends with opposites:



It’s important to recognise unhealthy friendships, so check out this short Wellcast video on how to end bad relationships: 




In this video Amy Poehler discusses a little project called Operation Nice!
Maybe this is something you want to try out:



It’s never too late to say sorry! In this 3 minute video Amy talks through the trick of apologising:



Everybody’s been embarrassed at some time or another, check out this quick video for some tips on how to deal with embarrassment:

It could help you through an embarrassing situation or help you to be more understanding when someone else is going through an embarrassing situation.



We all know that jealous feeling, but here Amy talks through how being generous instead of stingy helps overcome jealousy:



In this 3 minute video Amy discusses friendship:


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