Body Course

Our ‘Body Needs’

What does our body need to keep us alive?

Like all living creatures, we have basic animal needs such as breathing, sleeping, drinking, eating, moving and hygiene.

These needs impact EVERYTHING we do in life, they are the foundations of a healthy body and mind.

If any of these needs are not met we become unwell and we struggle. Not a great way to live…

Often we don’t give a second thought to  our bodies needs, until there is a problem, or we become unwell.

But what if we stopped to think about how we could meet our needs better so we could prevent problems happening ?

What if we really understand how our bodies react when we don’t meet its needs, compared to how our bodies would react if we strived for the best possible way to achieve them?

What if we learnt to recognise our bad habits, and learnt to make tiny change steps in our behaviour to turn these bad habits into AMAZING new habits – habits that will really help us to become the best we possibly can?

Once we’ve nailed our ‘Body Needs’, we’ll be able to move onwards through Maslow’s Highway of Needs to the next level.

In this book, you’ll learn more about our basic body needs, you’ll learn how to recognise your own habits, you’ll connect with others to find out about their habits, and you’ll consider your options and ideas to change your bad habits into good ones!


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