Contributing for Good

Did you know that when you contribute – make a donation to charity, or are give to others, your brain acts in a similar way to when you are eating chocolate?

There are so many ways to contribute. Why not try out some of the ideas below and see if it works for you!


Are you aware what impact the money you spend has on the world?

‘Your dollar is your vote’ means you can be voting for a better world with your buying choices. .

For example, shopping in a thrift store is one great way to channel your money to good things. Your dollar goes to charity  AND you recycle so reducing your eco-footprint AND you save money.


A social enterprise is a business that is focusing on improving the world through things like health care, education and environment.

Check out these inspirational videos about the social enterprise brand  called THANKYOU.

This video inspires you to consider why you would want to buy this instead of other brands. Daniel Flynn founded Thankyou Water at the ripe old age of 19.  Thankyou products are in supermarkets and a show how just one person with passion, purpose and wanting to contribute can have enormous impact.

‘Thankyou was born in 2008 in response to the World Water Crisis. At that time, over 900 million people didn’t have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year. Pretty wild given Aussies can access safe water straight from the tap!

Co-founder Daniel Flynn pulled together a group of friends in Melbourne and together turned an idea to launch a line of bottled water that would fund water projects overseas into a reality. In July 2013 we rebranded as Thankyou, complete with two new ranges: food and body care and today, Thankyou has over 50 products available in 5500 outlets in Australia (including 7 Eleven, Coles and Woolworths). The idea was to take a more holistic approach to combating poverty, with 100% of our profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world. In 2016 we launched Thankyou baby, a range of nappies and baby care funding child and maternal health programs around the globe to empower families in need.’

Want to read more of the story? In 2016, they launched a book called ‘Chapter One’ written by co-founder Daniel Flynn, where 100% of the profits go to funding the future of Thankyou. Head to and pick up your copy!


Here is Daniel doing a TEDx talk if you want to hear more of their story.

ACTIVITY: See if you can get your school to sell Thankyou water instead of other brands! 


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