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Welcome to the homepage of our wellness courses. These courses are designed to teach you about wellness fundamentals and equip you with clever ways to share these nuggets of knowledge with your mentees/pupils/friends/inner self.

They support and complement the content of the Licence for Life books. There’s plenty of great content to read, videos to watch, things to listen to and fun exercises to complete.


We’ve structured the courses with an aim to guiding you gradually through the ins and outs of wellness coaching and communication from introductory basics to specific, in-depth intricacies, exercises and insights.

In order to ensure you get the most from the course, you should complete one section before you can move on to the next. Think of it like a wellness video game. Your knowledge increases with each level that you complete.

Once you have clicked on the course content and consumed the entirety of the page’s wisdom, click the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then automatically be brought to the next section of the course.

As long as you are a verified Licence for Life member, your progress will be saved, ready for you to come back to it whenever you require.

Take your time, there’s a lot of information, but we believe it’s worth it!

By the end we hope you will feel like a wholesome, well-equipped mentor with the coaching skills, resources and confidence to share your new found or revised wellness knowledge.

Click below to get underway on the first course, an Introduction to Wellness. Goodluck!

Meet Your Fellow Mentors

Core Learning

Wellness Overview

Coaching &  Communication Skills

Cultural Diversity and Indigenous Mentees

Wellness Learning

The Body Shop

Feeling Safe


Mind Power



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