Considering that you’ve clicked on the ‘About’ button, you must have a few questions. Let us attempt to answer them.

What’s WAP?

The Wellschool Asista Program (WAP) is designed to train mentors to better support themselves and the mentee in life and wellness.

Wellness coaching is a non-medical approach to health that encourages self-responsibility and lifestyle changes, filling a critical gap in our healthcare system. We deliver coaching and wellness literacy training to participants through innovative, cost effective, self-reflective peer coaching models.

Wellness is moving towards a self-responsible mindset where people have the knowledge and skills to adopt lifestyle habits that promote mental, emotional and physical health in collaboration with necessary medical treatment. To create a better future for our children improving wellness literacy skills is paramount.

What’s Licence for Life?

We use the therapeutic metaphor of a car on a journey travelling down the road of life. Therapeutic metaphor is a non-threatening way for the mentee to be introduced and explore their wellness. The car and pathway they create can become a source of personal empowerment as they recognise they can steer towards where they want in life, independent of others, and be the determinant of their own journey.

The mentor and mentee enter into a co-learning relationship where they explore and discover these wellness dimensions together. Depending on the interests and needs of the mentee they are able to further explore any of these dimensions in greater depth using the resources.

What’s the point?

This program will enhance the mentor’s skill and ability to teach key wellness principles to their mentees. Both mentor and mentee will be exposed to a chockload of invaluable techniques, tools and knowledge that is designed to bring wellness to their lives. The point? Is to guide the individual to create a fulfilled, productive and healthy life for themselves. To supply them with skills to overcome adversity in life in all its forms. We – through wellness – provide a way to overcome and deal with the many bumps, divets and potholes on the twisty, undulating road of life.


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